COMMUNITY OF North Branch Resident Wins $2,411.95 in Electronic Linked Bingo

COMMUNITY OF North Branch Resident Wins $2,411.95 in

Electronic Linked Bingo


North Branch, MN. -  Ms. Joie Robinson of North Branch, MN won $2,411.95 while playing electronic linked bingo on Thursday, November 28, 2013 at the North Branch American Legion #85.


The jackpot is the fourth largest prize to date in the new linked bingo games that are just becoming available through charitable gaming in Minnesota. Linked bingo allows players across the state to play against one another for larger prizes. The  jackpot was awarded for matching the “2 Lil Piggies” jackpot in the Linked Bingo game “Piggies From Heaven™”, offered by e-tab manufacturing and its Distributors (3 Diamond Corp.; MPeters Enterprises; Brainerd Games). Depending on how many people are playing, jackpots could reach $75,000 or more.


“We’ve always known linked bingo will be the strongest horse in the race,” said Al Lund, Executive Director of Allied Charities of Minnesota. “This prize is just the beginning. As linked bingo grows, we will see more big prizes and more money for the charities to use in support of their community work.”


3 Diamond Corporation, one of the companies that distribute the electronic game that produced the winning jackpot, agrees. “We’re thrilled for Joie Robinson,” said Spanky Kuhlman. “We expect to see the size of the jackpots continue to grow as people learn about the games and the potential prizes.”


Electronic pull tabs are currently available in about 360 bars and restaurants across the state; linked bingo is available in about 150 locations.


Electronic linked bingo and electronic pull tabs were approved by the state legislature in 2012 and have increased revenue for local charities. The North Branch American Legion #85  charity that PRODUCED THE WINNER supports the PURPOSE OF MISSION.