Post Talk
By Glenn Pierce, Adjutant

June Meeting Tuesday the 9th 7 PM in the Legion Hall

Rick Hals, Commander – Greetings to all. Well this certainly has been interesting times, no open legion club room, no meetings. and NO midsummer activities. the later being the most strange to adjust to. As far as opening, we are waiting anxiously to hear from the Governor as to a date. While we wait to open we finished tile at the bar entrance and have a little painting to do, so we will be ready when the word comes to open. We did a modified Memorial Day ceremonies with no to a few people in attendance, it went well and I thank all who participated. We, as a Legion are planning on having a meeting on June 9th at 7:00 pm, I hope to see you there. Be careful and safe.

June 14th is Flag Day

President Harry S. Truman, an active and proud member of The American Legion, signed an act of Congress in 1949 which designated June 14th as Flag Day. Our esteem for the Flag is why The American Legion called together 68 other patriotic, fraternal, civic and military groups for the purpose of drafting a code of flag etiquette in 1923. They were enormously successful. It is why American Legionnaires continue to visit classrooms to teach young people about the importance of respecting this precious symbol of freedom.

One of the speakers at the 1923 National Flag Conference was the legendary labor leader Samuel Gompers. He described how union workers felt about Old Glory. “To us,” he said, “the American Flag means more than even its colors in themselves portray. It means the leadership of the democratic and humane struggle has been carried on throughout all the ages.”