Post Talk
By Ron Rollins, Adjutant

Membership Meeting – October 12th 7 PM
Auxiliary Meeting – October 12th 7 PM
SAL Meeting – October 19th 6 PM

Rick Hals, Commander – Greetings to all. September has been busy, I am happy to say to we have the 2 members to fill the vacancies on the B & F Committee they are Larry Latimer and Kevan Swenson, thank you. The Legion and the Aux. had a booth at the annual Fall Festival, it was a long day but fun. I would like to thank all who helped set the booth up and those that took time to be there and those who helped take down the tent and remove everything. I would also like to thank Michelle Still for doing all the leg work and getting the permits etc. The front sidewalk has been removed and replaced, it definitely looks a lot nicer and safer. There was a Veterans Memorial meeting to discuss the city council actions or their lack of any actions, all I can say is disappointing at the
least. The October meeting will be on the12th at 7 pm in the meeting room, I hope everyone that can, will come, it’s nice when we have more people coming to the meetings. Have a great fall.

Glenn Pierce, Gaming Manager – Saturday Night Bingo for October 2nd is Cancelled due to a commitment in the Hall. Also, because the Hall is rented every Saturday in October we will be moving our Saturday Night Bingo to the Bar area only. We will review this again for our November schedule to see if it is practical to move it back to the Hall, which is the preferable location. We are scheduling our next Coach Purse Bingo for Friday Night November 5th, tickets will be on sale shortly.

Join us in the clubroom for drink specials and food for all the Sunday Vikings games. Free drinks for all Viking scores and football tickets available to win up to $225 for the final score. Also pays per quarter.